Food Biz Can Advertise On A Budget

SOCIAL MEDIA – If you’re not new to the internet (or the 21st century) then you’re familiar with Social Media. It’s useful for more than sharing cute baby pictures and cat videos, though. When you’re trying to advertise on a budget, Social Media should be your main go-to method.

But Why? Businesses who have engaged Social Media correctly, with some planning and strategy, have seen outstanding results. The best part is that all social media platforms are free for individuals and businesses alike to use.

But it’s hard to learn and use! I hear this from Gen X and older business owners. Stop whining! Running a business ain’t easy. If you can deal with taxes, you can manage social media. And honestly, it’s not that hard. You just have to get past your fear of learning something new. Believe me, just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s going away or that you can ignore it.

BUSINESS DIRECTORIES – The name says it all; it’s a directory for businesses. Crazy, right? Even though its use has declined significantly over the last few years, almost everyone is familiar with the most old school business directory of all; the Yellow Pages. Today, there are several online business directory and listing sites, making it possible for potential customers to do quick searches for the things they need within specific niches. It’s free or fairly inexpensive to be listed in most online business directories. The catch is making sure all of your business information on those directories is correct. Check out my post on this where I talk about some of the free directories available right now and how you can make sure you manage your presence on them in a way that gets your little breakfast nook’s name in front of hungry customers.

SEARCH ENGINES & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – A search engine is an online tool that lets you, well…. search for stuff. I’m sure you’ve heard of this little company called ‘Google’. In fact, a Google search may be how you found this blog post (unless you’re one of the three people who use Bing)!

Using search engine optimization, or ‘SEO’ as it’s called by tech nerds and bloggers like me, is a way you can give your little meat n’ three down the street a better chance of being found on the various search engines when customers do searches for local places to find good fried chicken. Don’t you want potential customers to find you when they go to Google and type, “Best damn biscuits in NomVille”?! (assuming, of course, that you live in NomVille and do indeed have the best damn biscuits there) There are free and inexpensive ways to use SEO, and we’ll look at some of those ways in my Search Engine and SEO post.


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